The Reality Page

WARNING.  This page includes graphic images of real injuries suffered by British service personnel in Afghanistan.  If you do not want to see these photographs then do not scroll down any further.  The images are extremely shocking, the choice is yours.  You have been WARNED!

We hear about the deaths of British service men and women on a far too regular basis in the media, but rarely do we hear about those who have been wounded.  Some of the traumas suffered are truly horrific and life-changing.  The loss of limbs is common place, as is the loss of muscle mass and the loss of sight.  The first line medical services available to the wounded in the field are second to none but it is when the wounds have healed that these men and women need our help the most.  The Royal British Legion through the Poppy Appeal provides assistance  and support to wounded service personnel during  their rehabilitation and helps them adjust to their changed lives.  This does not come cheap, the annual Poppy Appeal raises our awareness to the plight of our service men and women on Remembrance Day but they need our help EVERY day. 
Don't scroll down if you think that the photographs might upset or 'offend' you.  The decision to look at the images is entirely YOUR choice.

The 'Reality Page' is not an excuse to include some gorey photographs, it is here to show you the reality of the injuries being suffered by British service personnel on a daily basis.  Your donation is going to help in the rehabilitation of these young men and women, please be generous.

The following photographs have been cleared by the Surgeon General for release in the public domain.


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